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Shears (Variable Rake Angle)

Shears (Variable Rake Angle)

We provide a wide range of shears, which facilitate distortion free shearing of thin sheets. Their box type structure are designed for giving maximum strength and better quality ensures cutting for a longer time. Further, good holding by hydraulic hold downs before shearing eliminates slippage of sheets.

Salient Features:

• Variable Rake Angle
• Hydraulic Hold Downs
• Reliable Hydraulics
• Fast & Easy Clearance Setting
• Motorized Back Gauge
• High Quality Blades
• Shadow Line Indicator
• Reputed Make Electrical
• Riller Guides
• Robust Structure

Cutting Capacity: 4 mm X 2500 mm (M.S.) To 12 mm X 3100 mm (M.S.)

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